Are Visceral Games developing a police-themed Battlefield game for 2014?

 Dead Space studio, Visceral Games is allegedly developing the latest addition to the Battlefield franchise, which is set for a 2014 release.

According to a report from Polygonthere is a new Battlefield title in the works, currently code-named Havana. The title is said to be a ‘police-themed’ Battlefield game – what that means for the game, we really can’t know for sure as there has been no further details regarding the new title.

Earlier this year, the “main” Battlefield developer, DICE have stated that they weren’t going to be able to build annual Battlefield games. It is therefore possible that EA have decided to take up Activision’s business model where multiple studios take turns to develop the titles of the franchise. If this is the case, Visceral are likely to fill out the gaps that DICE are going to leave behind.

These rumours also come in relation to recent layoffs at EA’s Need for Speed studio, Ghost Games, where employees were told that they could either take their compensation and leave the studio or stay to help out with code-name Havana. 


3 thoughts on “Are Visceral Games developing a police-themed Battlefield game for 2014?

    • I would definitely have to agree. DICE has always been Battlefield for me, and also a seal of quality. With Visceral coming in, I feel like I won’t get that. Not to mention that I absolutely dread the CoD business model.

      • I wonder if the recent incident with the incredibly buggy BF4 had anything to do with this. DICE didn’t do exceptionally well with that release, which might have have triggered some changes in future game development of its sequels. I definitely thought that DICE should have done better with the release of BF4, but I’d say that Visceral wouldn’t have done anything better.

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