Why Would You Watch? – Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside2Inside Llewyn Davis is the latest movie by the Coen-brothers. This time Joel and Ethan Coen take us back to the early 1960s where we meet the folk singer-songwriter Llewyn Davis played by Oscar Isaac. Davis struggles for a big break with his music while living a life on different couches with only a couple of bucks in his pocket. It is a movie with its view turned downwards in a grey and cloudy world. Despite this depressive setting the movie still exudes the Coen-brothers joy of narrating – a narration that also consists of a very authentic and emotional soundtrack that takes us inside Llewyn Davis.

So why would you watch Inside Llewyn Davis?

  • Because the soundtrack is unique. First thing after watching the movie I went and bought the soundtrack.
  • Because this movie is an example of how a picture can say more than a thousand words. Each shot delivers an abundance of emotion.
  • Because Oscar Isaac is tailor-made for the part as Llewyn Davis.
  • Because this movie possesses a wonderfully subtle kind of humor that occasionally leaves the viewer with a smile on the face.
  • Because this is the Coen-brothers at their best. Especially the screenplay is amazing and contains delightful dialog throughout.        
Oscar Isaac captivates us with the music of Llewyn Davis.

Oscar Isaac captivates us with the music of Llewyn Davis.

Why wouldn’t you watch Inside Llewyn Davis?

  • Because the movie doesn’t contain many glimpse of light. It’s not a feel-good movie per se.
  • Because you absolutely despise American folk music.
  • Because you like your movies to be somewhat action-packed.
  • There are a lot of loose ends, which may annoy the viewer.

SHOULD you watch Inside Llewyn Davis?

When looking back at cinema in 2014, Inside Llewyn Davis is a complete and utter standout. It is one of the most special movies in a long time and it’s definitely worth a watch. With fear of sounding arrogant, I have to say that this maybe is a movie for the more experienced and mature filmgoer. Nevertheless, if that isn’t you, I recommend it anyway.


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