Sunshine Blogger Award nomination – Thank you!


Well, it has happened again… The guys over at GEEK.SLEEP.RINSE.REPEAT have nominated me for the Sunshine blogger award. Such a cool thing – thank you very much!

The rules of the Sunshine Award are as follows.

– Use the logo in the post.

– Link to whoever nominated you.

– Nominate 10 other bloggers.

– Share 10 facts about yourself.

– Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

The 10 facts are!

1. I haven’t really left the house during the past week

2. With Crystal Palace I just lost 3-1 at home against Southampton in FIFA 14 😦

3. Three days ago, I got a new pair of glasses

4. I support FC Copenhagen (We beat Galatasaray at home!)

5. I’ve recently made the big change from Xbox to Playstation :O

6. My height is 181 cm (5’11)

7. My favourite band is Coldplay

8. I never really bonded with GTA V

9. I’m currently writing a big assignment for school (Why i haven’t left the house)

10. I think helicopters and jets should carry more flares in Battlefield 4

And now for my 10 nominations!

1. The Dad Gentleman Geek – Imagine a guy who really creates great content and has great insight in the world of gaming. And then BAM! Turns out he’s balancing this interest with being a father!

2. 1001-Up – Initially they set out to review every single one of the games featured in a book called 1001 games you must play before you die. But they’re also reviewing current games – great site!

3. John Heatz – This guy has with the speed of light become the #1 source of gaming news for me. It’s unbelievable how up to date he is!

4. IAAW – It’s very up to date with its reviews and it’s articles – I just recently started following this blog, but I’m sure I’ll stick around for more!

5. United We Game – A great place where bloggers from all over come together to share their views and opinions.

6. After Dark Gaming – With John Heatz, this guy is also filling out my reader page with all sorts of news and updates!

7. My opinion as a gamer – A lot of good thoughts and great reviews come out of this site.

8. Nerd Person Narrative – Frequent reviews and great articles, for example an interview with an actor for the Mass Effect games.

9. Play Legit – I actually discovered this blog on twitter, but since then I’ve also snooped around on the wordpress page. So much content and so many reviews!

10. In Third Person – An almost constant flow of reviews, articles and other kinds of good stuff!

Again, I want to thank the two dudes over at GEEK.SLEEP.RINSE.REPEAT for their nomination! Check out the blog, it’s a personal favourite. And they do Football Manager diaries!

5 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award nomination – Thank you!

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