Why Would You Watch? – Gravity

gravity1A premiere date that is over 6 months old and an award record that among others includes 7 Oscar statuettes witness that this movie has been spoken and written plenty about. Anyway, that does not stop me from giving you some reasons on why you would or wouldn’t watch Gravity.

To those who don’t know Gravity I can tell that it was one of the biggest winners at this year’s different award shows. It is directed by Alfonso Cuarón and starred by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. It is an innovative movie, where Cuarón exploits state of the art technology to give us a view into the unbelievable life as an astronaut.

So why would you watch Gravity?

  • Because since cinema began applying 3D, this is the most successful and best fitting movie to this medium. This is 3D at its best. So if you can still make it, don’t by this on DVD, watch it in theaters in 3D!
  • Because you love seeing cinema evolve. This movie is definitely a pioneer when it comes to development of the cinema.
  • Because this will probably be the closest you will ever get to be an astronaut. (For example through the amazing point of view shots).
  • Because it is a visual beauty without comparison.
  • Because every single Oscar that this movie received is completely well deserved. Directing, sound mixing, editing and so on. It is incredible.
Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) is spinning around in space with zero Gravity.

Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) is spinning around in space with zero Gravity.

Why wouldn’t you watch Gravity?

  • Because you are very afraid of heights.
  • Because you want movies to contain a broad spectrum of characters. This movie roughly contains two.
  • Because this movie contains a certain degree of Murphy’s law, which might seem aggravating.

SHOULD you watch Gravity?

It was almost impossible to find reasons to not watch this movie because this is definitely a movie you would, should and have to watch. It is an amazingly innovate and beautiful movie unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Like above-mentioned I have to recommend that you watch this movie in 3D (and preferably in a movie theater).


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