Why Would You Watch? – Need for Speed


Finally! The perfect movie for this website – gaming meets the movies. Need for Speed has since 1994 sold over 150 million units and now – 20 years later – this brand makes its debut at the big screen.

The movie introduces Tobey Marshall (played by Aaron Paul) who lives and breathes for cars and racing. He is trying to get to the infamous race, the DeLeon, where he will do anything to beat his rival Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper). It is a road-movie that offers crazy stunts and awesome supercars. The question is whether director Scott Waugh succeeds in measuring up to the high expectations of the successful game.

So why would you watch Need for Speed?

  • Because the movie offers delightful helicopter- and crane shots that really creates beautiful visuals.
  • Because some of the stunts are crazy. One of the stunts includes a Mustang and an Apache helicopter…
  • Because the races present top of the line supercars.
  • Because this is an action movie with a capital A. There are fast cars, guns and explosions. What else do you need?
Just driving... Oh, I mean flying my Mustang.

Just driving… Oh, I mean flying my Mustang.

Why wouldn’t you watch Need for Speed?

  • Because some of the lines that were intended to be funny aren’t. Overall, you can feel that it isn’t as funny as the writers intended.
  • Because the movie contains a few holes in the plotline. There are some things that could have been explained better.
  • Because the plot in itself is a bit vague.
  • Because the acting isn’t something to cheer about. Aaron Paul is one of the few who can rightly be satisfied with his acting.
  • Because you are a big fan of the Need for Speed series and expect the movie to resemble the games a lot. It doesn’t.

SHOULD you watch Need for Speed?

This is not a movie you simply have to watch. If you are in need for speed and just want to unwind and watch an action movie with fast cars and cool stunts then watch it, because it is entertaining. But if you are looking for anything else, then this isn’t the movie for you. It doesn’t really measure up to the games, nor does it measure up to the comparable Fast & Furious series.


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