Whenever you’re reading a review for a game, you’ll most likely end up doing one of two things: You’ll read the entire review and really soak in all of the little details and charms that make the game worth playing – or the opposite. Or you’ll find yourself scrolling to the bottom of the page in order to find out, how it was scored. And you are not to be blamed – because reviews can sometimes become a bit too long and detailed. Enter Why Would You Buy.

At Why Would You Buy, it’s my aim to quickly sum up some of the great or horrible moments in a game. There’s not really much to it – so actually, If you didn’t really feel like reading the text above, here’s a few reasons of why you would read Why Would You Buy?

So why would you read your reviews from Why Would You Buy?

  • Because you want to know about new video games
  • Because you want to – quickly – know about the qualities of certain games
  • Because you can’t be bothered reading through hundreds and hundreds of words
  • Because, with a short text like this, grades aren’t really needed – we’ll simply write if you SHOULD buy the game in the bottom of every review

Occasionally, we will also delve into something a bit more in-depth and long – but mostly, I will try to keep it short, sweet and readable.

I have been playing video games for roughly two thirds of my life, starting with the original Age of Empires, which quickly became on of my most beloved franchises. I don’t have any strong ties back to the good old days of Atari, Amiga and Super Nintendo – Simply because I hadn’t even been born yet. My interest for video games rose steadily as the years went by. I had always been a modest fan of video games, which I played on either my PS2 or on PC. However, my interest really took flight, when I bought my Xbox 360. From thereon, I really started getting into video games, but also the industry in itself. I’m mostly a console guy, but whenever I see a great indie game on Steam, I won’t hesitate to pounce on it.

I will do my best to post regularly – every two, three or four days – and I hope you will enjoy this blog as it progresses!



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