Codemasters out with Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle train has arrived at Codemasters’ station. The company are offering a selection of their games at a price, that you will decide for yourself – as long as it’s more than $1.

The money raised from the Codemasters’ Humble Bundle goes to Special Effect, a charity that specializes in the use of technology to help people with disabilities.


$1 or more will get you Overlord and DLC for it, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and Rise of the Argonauts.

If you’re feeling generous, $6 or more will get you DiRT Showdown, DiRT 3 and Overlord II.

Humble Bundle has been running since 2010, including promotions from both EA and Deep Silver along the way. Earlier this year, the company launched the Humble Store, a store much like Steam, where 10% of proceeds go to various charities


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