Why Would You Buy? – Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is the third installment in Ubisoft’s Far Cry series and this time abandons the African savannah environment of its predecessor. Instead it features an absolute massive world filled to the brim with hundreds of vicious animals and twice as many angry pirate soldiers who eat bullets for breakfast and can’t wait to make your life hell. There’s hours and hours of exploration inside the game filled with hundreds of outposts to clear, animals to hunt and cars to drive. Far Cry 3 sure is a huge game – but is it a good one?

So why would you go hunting for tigers and buy Far Cry 3?

  • Because the core controls are executed very well. Both shooting and driving mechanics are tight and you never feel like the controls are making the game more difficult than it should be.
  • Because it’s an absolute huge and beautiful environment. If you exclusively play through the main story of the campaign, you’re likely to only scratch the surface of the world.
  • Because after a while, the seemingly generic story about pirates and rescuing your family turns into something entirely different, which makes the story extremely enjoyable.
  • Because the main villain, Vaas, deserves his own point entirely – he is such an amazing and over-the-top villain.
  • Because the main story alone is about 13-16 hours long – and then there’s all the side missions. It’s a long game. 

All of this is maybe 7-10% of the entire map

Why wouldn’t you buy Far Cry 3?

  • Because, on consoles, the game struggles to keep up its optimal frame rate, often dropping to some unacceptable levels
  • Because, in order to reveal previously undiscovered land on the map, you’ll have to climb a lot of radio towers, which becomes really, really tiresome.
  • Because the story takes way too long to really get interesting – during the first three to four hours, it’s really just fetch and kill missions.

SHOULD you buy Far Cry?

It’s a huge yes. Everything – and I mean everything – that was wrong about Far Cry 2 has been changed for the better. It’s a huge, beautiful and enjoyable game and everyone should play it.


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