Why Would You Buy? – Battlefield 4 Next-Gen


With the launch of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, the Battlefield franchise can finally make its debut on the next gen consoles. EA and DICE have rolled out the big guns, the big graphical muscles and 32 v 32 multiplayer in an effort to really stick it to Call of Duty this year – Have they succeeded? Find out below!

Why would you drive your tank through a building and buy Battlefield 4?

  • Because seeing a giant skyscraper collapsing into the streets of Shanghai will make your jaw drop to the floor.
  • Because it’s still the winning formular from its predecessor with Conquest and Rush plus a few newcomers like Obliteration and Defuse – These two new kids on the block are good, but you’ll most likely stick with the game defining modes.
  • Because there’s nothing more satisfying than stealth-killing a sniper on the edge of the map.
  • Because with both setbacks and disadvantages for all, the classes are very well balanced
  • Because winning a match depends on both the team effort as a whole but also how individuals perform

Why wouldn’t you buy Battlefield 4?

  • Because the driving physics and controls are still downright bad, which will make your fantastic humvee-getaway a lot less elegant
  • Because the singleplayer is very, very forgettable and won’t satisfy a lot of singleplayers out there
  • Because there are a lot of issues with missiles that just won’t hit helicopters and cars that just won’t do road kills even though you drove right through your enemy
  • Because some of the maps aren’t great

SHOULD you buy Battlefield 4?

It’s a yes. It’s the best Battlefield to date and with Next-Gen graphics it’s pretty damn hard to say no. There are some issues that should be taken into consideration though.


5 thoughts on “Why Would You Buy? – Battlefield 4 Next-Gen

  1. Nice break-down!

    It’s a shame that online multiplayer is riddled with bugs at the moment. Seems like every Battlefield release has its problems. But the pro’s outweigh the con’s with BF. After Halo dropped the ball and CoD became stale, BF took up its place as my favourite FPS.

    I’ll be getting it around Christmas time, can’t wait. Loved the beta, too!

    • Thanks for reading! Yeah, sometimes the online play will get really laggy and then perfectly fine the minute after. But all will sorted in due time. So yeah, go get it!

    • Aside from the bugs I’m still enjoying it – I just wish there were more (free) maps since the standard ones aren’t really that great. I might have to swallow my pride (and throw away my money) and get BF Premium…….

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