Why Would You Buy? – Banished

Developed by Shining Rock Software and released February 18th, Banished is a city-builder with the sole purpose of absolute survival. In Banished, the townsfolk that inhabit your town are both your greatest ally and your worst enemy. They will keep the wheels of the town turning, but on the other hand, they are the ones that need homes, firewood during winter, and first and foremost – food. As the all-seeing eye of a bunch of settlers, will you purely strive for survival or will you try to build a sprawling, self-sufficient city? The choice is yours.

So why would you stock up on food for the winter and buy Banished?

  • Because the game rewards your attention to detail and your ability to plan ahead.
  • Because there are so many ways to manage your city. There are many different types of food, which are obtained in different ways – ways that’ll have certain effects on your productivity and your dependence on whether it’s winter or summer.
  • Because the population doesn’t have superpowers or anything like it, but simply acts as the main tool for the survival of the town. Each generation of people will live, work and die – just like everyone else.
  • Because it’s absolutely addictive. Every time you fail you’ll want to return and do even better.

Farming is one of many alternatives for the production of food. Other sources of food for your townsfolk include fishing, deer hunting and pastures with each one having its own set of perks and disadvantages

Why wouldn’t you buy Banished?

  • Because the User Interface is stripped down and certainly could have been more user friendly.
  • Because the game can seem a bit too unforgiving at times. One wrong decision or a fire in your town, and your huge deposit of materials is likely going to disappear quite quickly – not to mention problems of homelessness and a lack of food- or resource production.
  • Because the game requires a lot of waiting around, whether you like it or not.

SHOULD you buy Banished?

Yes. Wherever you look, there’s always business to attend to, be it food production, housing or expansion of your town. And there’s ton of joy in doing it over and over again. It’s money well spent!


2 thoughts on “Why Would You Buy? – Banished

  1. I love it so far.
    I really like that its a bit of a slower pace. Makes a nice change from all the shooting games.

    • I’m really enjoying it as well.
      It’s refreshing to play a game that doesn’t throw enemies at you at any given time. Instead, you can sit back and plan your steps. It’s still challenging as hell though – I had to throw in the towel after a fire had burnt down six or seven houses plus my hospital just when winter had begun. People started dying like flies 😦

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