Why Would You Watch? – 12 Years A Slave


12 Years A Slave has already distinguished itself at the award shows around the world. With a BAFTA for Best Film and a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Drama, 12 Years is one of the big contenders for this year’s Academy Awards. This is, like many other great movies this past year, also based on a true story. That is, the memoir of the real Solomon Northup, who was a slave in the 19th century.

This is a slave-movie shy of the humoristic features, which for example can be identified in Tarantino’s Django Unchained. This is a stark picture where director Steve McQueen displays the true and cruel life of the people in slavery.

So why would you watch 12 Years A Slave?

  • Because it’s – as always – a great original score that Hans Zimmer delivers.
  • Because the acting is nothing shy of magnificent. Talk about worthy Oscar nominees. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong’o and Michael Fassbender – amazing.
  • Because Steve McQueen challenges the rules of cinema. The scene where Northup (Ejiofor) is hanging from a tree is simply brilliant.
  • Because it’s a very touching movie that will somehow effect you one way or another.
  • Because a movie like this can give as much – if not more – knowledge about life in slavery than your history books at school.
Three actors who deliver frighteningly brilliant acting.

Three actors who all deliver frighteningly brilliant acting.

Why wouldn’t you watch 12 Years A Slave?

  • Because as great as the music is, as much do we occasionally miss it. There are a couple of scenes that dwell in silence where the great score by Hans Zimmer could have been useful.
  • Because the violence can be very explicit. This is not a movie for the one with a weak stomach.
  • Because some of the clips can feel a little too long and drawn out.
  • Because the time perspective isn’t quite clear to the viewer. We don’t really know how far he is in this time period of 12 years.

SHOULD you watch 12 Years A Slave?

Of course. This is a movie you simply have to watch. The acting alone makes it a masterpiece and everything combined just makes it even better. The few cons of this movie don’t weigh much compared to the pros. The Oscar nominations are deserved and it will be exiting to see how many statuettes it will bring home.


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