Outside influences – the new “shared world”?

If you even just caught a tiny glimpse of last year’s E3 conference in Los Angeles, you might remember all the fuzz about Shared Worlds. I’m talking about games like Destiny here, or developer Ivory Tower’s car game, The Crew for that matter. Both games have in common a world that is neither single- or multiplayer – but then again is also both at the same time.

It was made into a huge deal for everybody – and I don’t blame them. Playing a singleplayer mission when suddenly eight other players decide to join in sure sounds like fun. It adds a level of unpredictability and comradeship to the otherwise lonely singleplayer universe, and I myself, am very excited to play both games.

But now something else has caught my interest – today I read some news on CVG, detailing the new survival horror game, Daylight by Zombie Studios. In addition to being a game that changes its layout and cast of enemies everytime you play, there’s another, very interesting thing included in the game. Influence in the game through the streaming service, Twitch.

Basically, the deal about this is that you can write specific words in the chatbox within Twitch and then activate certain soundcues or actions in the game. And here is where I got really excited. The article said something about typing in ‘meow’, which then would come to life within the game as an actual cat meowing – and frankly, a cat meowing is quite stupid, especially in a horror game. (unless it’s some kind of posessed demon cat) But cats aside, let’s think about the possibilites with a thing like this. We’ve already seen a fraction of it in Battlefield 4’s Commander mode where you’ll administer supply drops and UAVs, or in The Division where it seems like you’ll be able to control a drone through your tablet.

But what if someone did more than just that?

What if you could – through your tablet, phone or maybe through Twitch – arrange huge events within the game to tailor, say a horror game, according to your preferences? This would make both multi- and singleplayer experiences insanely unpredictable since both the player and the controller of the game would have a say in what will happen throughout a mission or level.

Forgive me if this just nonsense. Fact is that I’m really excited about the prospects of such a thing. A whole new dimension to video games.

What do you think?


One thought on “Outside influences – the new “shared world”?

  1. I saw that Watch_Dogs might do something like this with the cTos phone app. Basically, you can change the environment as a console player navigates through it. Sounds amazing!

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