Why Would You Buy? – The Banner Saga

The sun is frozen still in the sky. Dark beings known as the Dredge have been spotted throughout the lands. Mankind must now stand together with the giants, known as the Varl in order to withstand the massive number of dark warriors coming their way. After forming in 2012, Stoic Studios has spent the last two years developing The Banner Saga. The game brings together a tactical, turnbased combat system with a player choice driven story where every action has consequences.

So why would you stand together with the Varl and buy The Banner Saga?

  • Because the game is strikingly beautiful, including both large, handpainted backgrounds and a beautiful set of 2D characters. Not to mention the brilliant soundtrack.
  • Because combat is fun and engaging in the way it that it’s constantly posing you a tough challenge. If you at any point expect mercy from your enemies, you’ll be sadly mistaken. There are no second tries here – lose a battle and you’ll deal with the consequences later on in the story.
  • Because the story is nothing short of absolutely fantastic and never ceases to move forward. Despite being thrown head first into the world with all its feuds, rivalries and famous characters, the universe, the story and the staggering attention to detail is nothing short of incredible.
  • Because at any given moment, the game will force you to make crucial decisions with no hints whatsoever pointing towards right or wrong, good or evil. Choose what you think is best and the game will either punish or reward you – then face an even more serious choice minutes later.

Combat is brutal and unforgiving, but brilliant at the same time. Take your time, plan your attacks or you’ll most likely end up biting the dust

Why wouldn’t you buy The Banner Saga?

  • Because there really is a LOT of dialogue, none of which actually has voice acting to back it up. And that’s a shame, given that dialogue is such a crucial part of the story.

SHOULD you buy The Banner Saga?

Yes. Stoic Studios has waltzed right onto the center stage with a game that already in February looks to be one of 2014’s best. I’m not kidding. Go and get it right now.


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