Why Would You Buy? – Democracy 3

Democracy 3 is the third addition to the political simulation series and was published independently by Positech Games in October 2013. As the prime minister or president of a democratic government, you’ll spend your time altering taxes, closing down borders or legalizing drugs. In reality, how you run your country is up to you – as long as you can get re-elected. In Democracy 3 there’s room for practicing your own ideology or your most devious schemes.

So why would you sign the bill and buy Democracy 3?

  • Because the game seems extremely complex at first but actually makes a lot of logical sense after a short while. Politics is split into 7 separate areas, including for example taxes or foreign policy which all come with their separate issues and systems.
  • Because you’ll deal with real issues like pollution, obesity, education or racial tension.
  • Because you’ll start seeing your true political nature through the decisions you make. Unless you try carrying out a Stalin or North Korea that is.
  • Because it’s fun to experiment with how much you can actually screw the population over while still facing re-election
  • Because keeping both voters and the economy in a healthy state is both challenging and rewarding once you’ve cracked it

Confused? Don’t worry, It’ll make sense after a short while

Why wouldn’t you buy Democracy 3?

  • Because once you’ve started over a couple of times, you’ll start noticing that the game recycles a lot of the dilemmas you face.
  • Because the music is absolutely horrible.
  • Because the game really could have benefited from some actual 3D characters. Or at least some voice acting.
  • Because the game requires a lot of micromanagement and long periods of time without anything noteworthy happening. If you’re into action, then this is not your game.

SHOULD you buy Democracy 3?

Yes. It’s a fun and complex game that rewards your eye for detail. However, It’s not a huge game with endless outcomes and possibilities, so you might want to get it on sale.


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