Why Would You Watch? – American Hustle


Along with Gravity, American Hustle is one of the big winners prior to this year’s Academy Awards, with 10 Oscar nominations to its name. It premiered in December last year and made a great entry at the box office – which is no surprise. With director David O. Russell’s reunion with the stars of his last two films, American Hustle has a cast to be reckoned with. It is a con story that takes place in the ‘70s USA, but it’s also a story where David O. Russell raises the question of who the real conmen are.

So why would you watch American Hustle?

  • Because the cast delivers absolutely outstanding acting.
  • Because it’s a cinematically beautiful movie.
  • Because there are some funny moments in the movie.
Three Oscar nominees. Who is the real conman?

Three Oscar nominees. Who is the real conman?

Why wouldn’t you watch American Hustle? 

  • Because the plot line double tracks between an unsuccessful love story and the actual con story. This slows down the tempo of the story utterly at some points.
  • Because Jennifer Lawrence feels a bit out of place in her character.
  • Because the movie sometimes can’t decide whether it wants to be funny or whether it wants to be taken seriously.
  • Because the movie sometimes actually feels a bit boring. As already mentioned the movie sometimes feels a bit slow and furthermore, there isn’t really a clear climax either.

SHOULD you watch American Hustle?

No, not necessarily. This isn’t – despite the Academy attention – a must-see movie. All in all, it delivers less than it promises. I mean, if you and the Academy always see eye to eye, then try it out because it does have its moments. But other than that, this is a movie you easily can skip without feeling too bad about yourself.


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