Why Would You Watch? – The Wolf of Wall Street


The Wolf of Wall Street marks the fifth collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. With release date on Christmas Day this movie was probably one of the best Christmas presents of 2013. The Wolf of Wall Street is an adaptation of former real-time stockbroker Jordan Belfort’s memoir of the same name. On January 16th it was announced that the movie was nominated in multiple categories for this year’s annual Academy Awards. Both Scorsese and DiCaprio were nominated for respectively Best Director and Best Actor.

So why would you watch The Wolf of Wall Street?

  • Because it’s an excellent example of how you can successfully make an adaptation.
  • Because the movie preserves the fantastic (dark) humour of the book by Jordan Belfort. It’s really, really funny.
  • Because you’re a fan of Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio or Jonah Hill.
  • Because the movie is told with a tempo that seems to reduce the time you’re actually watching it. That is to say that it doesn’t necessarily feel like a three hour-long movie.
  • Because you like movies with an antihero and you’re tired of watching Hollywood movies where the hero is this neighbourhood kind of guy, who is all good right down to his bones.
  • Because it’s a great movie.

Greed and addiction are serious themes in the otherwise funny movie

Why wouldn’t you watch The Wolf of Wall Street? 

  • Because you don’t often watch movies, and three hours can therefore be a long time.
  • Because you’re very conservative and don’t like seeing nudity and people doing drugs.
  • Because there are a few holes in the plot and you can feel that Scorsese sometimes has cut a few corners. (The first cut of the film was over four hours)


SHOULD you watch The Wolf of Wall Street?

The answer is unambiguous: yes. Despite minor details, The Wolf of Wall Street is nothing less than a fantastic picture. Everything excels, from the directing, to the acting and to the editing. All the nominations and praises the movie has received are well-deserved as it is one of the best movies of the past year and perhaps one of the best movies of Martin Scorsese.


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