Life isn’t just about video games…

Did the words in the title actually just appear on your screen? Because surely nothing could be more important than video games – right? Up until now, this site has been all about games, which is because of the fact that I’m all about games. Despite my geeky background, I’ve actually got a few friends – one of those friends is Mikkel. And let me tell you guys – I’m all about Mikkel as well.

Mikkel is all about movies and has been for quite some time – And that’s why we agreed to add another dimension to this place in order to spice things up a bit. Enter Why Would You Watch. Yeah, you guessed it – it’s just like the WWYB you already know, but now also with the occasional movie included!

I’ll leave the rest of this post for Mikkel to introduce himself.

Movies have always played a big part in my life and ever since I was a little boy, going to the cinema has been one of my favorite experiences. I have never been a big fan of one particular genre; on the contrary I find every genre engaging. My true passion for movies and the history of movies began approximately two and a half years ago. I began having media studies as a subject at my high school and the world of cinema captivated me. I found myself bedazzled by this art form and quickly began reading about certain directors, actors and the history of the movies.I am now studying journalism in Copenhagen with Emil and have recently joined Why Would You Buy to contribute with film reviews. I am managing Why Would You Watch, where I will try to – quickly – give you some reasons why you should or shouldn’t watch a particular movie.I hope this will guide you to make the right decisions on which movies you want and don’t want to watch.

Expect a review of The Wolf of Wall Street some time tomorrow – We sure are excited for this, and we hope you are as well!


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