Why Would You Buy? – Tropico 4

Developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media in August 2011, Tropico 4 goes back to the hectic and doubtful era of the cold war. As ‘El Presidente’, the dictator of an island banana republic, you’ll build your perfect country while tending to many matters on your island paradise like public health, rebellions, tourism or natural disasters – and don’t forget the USSR and the United States breathing down your neck, trying to enforce their ideologies on your fine nation.

So why would you light up that Cuban cigar and buy Tropico 4?

  • Because there are many ways for you to live the life of a banana republic dictator – want to listen to the demands of the rebels or simply just get rid of the problem? Your choice. Want to get rich on your gold mines or your massive coffee plantations? Also your choice.
  • Because the population isn’t just a mob of either concerned or happy citizens, but hundreds and hundreds of individuals who all may just be the next leader of the opposition or rebel army.
  • Because it’s a pretty game with a lot of banana republic authenticity.
  • Because the game really makes you feel like a dictator by making it possible to fix elections or bribe NGO’s – and if a certain citizen becomes a problem, you can always arrange “an accident”
  • Because it’s overly addictive – you can always find some reason to return to Tropico, be it because you need more tourists or want to build a pair of nuclear reactors.

Foreigners will arrive in Tropico through tourism or through their search for jobs – the latter serves as a good workforce, but might upset some right-wingers

Why wouldn’t you buy Tropico 4?

  • Because it can get pretty easy – once you’ve figured out how to roll in some big bucks, expect to see profits with a lot of zeroes every month. Once the big bucks are rolling, even the most powerful tornado or the most stubborn rebel can’t make a dent in your money tank.
  • Because the music has an authentic, south American vibe to it and therefore gets downright horrible to listen to after an hour. You might want to press mute and enjoy something from your own collection.
  • Because it tends to get quite repetitive. After a while, you’ll be using money for toilet paper while the same, repetitive objectives from some environmentalist start flooding your desk.

SHOULD you buy Tropico 4?

Tropico 4 is a truly atmospheric game and also a very fun one, despite becoming quite repetitive after a while. Play it in doses, take a break, and then return af few weeks later – but the atmosphere in itself should make you want to play it. It’s a yes from here.


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