Why Would You Buy? – Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall was probably one of the most noteworthy games back when Sony’s Playstation 4 launched in November. Dutch Guerilla Games have traveled to the futuristic planet of Vekta and dumped a modern version of the Berlin wall in the middle of it. Tensions are high between the ‘good guys’, the VSA, and the big bad Helghast, and so, you need to make everyone become friends – There are a lot of hints to the difficulties of diplomacy and the struggle to find peace in Killzone: Shadow Fall, but all in all, it’s mostly just running and gunning with the occasional knife to the face.

So why would you buy break Killzone: Shadow Fall?

  • Because it’s nothing short of drop dead gorgeous with massive environments and a meticulous attention to detail.
  • Because there is a certain weight to a lot of the weapons, making them feel like actual killing machines.
  • Because the enemy AI is sometimes quite brutal. The enemy soldiers will try to flank you a lot, which makes it essential for you to stay on your toes at all times.
  • Because the multiplayer is actually a lot of fun with a lot of interesting game modes and well paced matches. Especially the classic Killzone game mode, Warzone, takes the cake with its constantly shifting objectives in a single match.

It sure is pretty…

Why wouldn’t you buy Killzone: Shadow Fall?

  • Because – in spite of the stunning visuals – there are some awkward framerate drops when you’re faced with large enviroments and/or a lot of things happening on screen.
  • Because the range of weapons is very narrow, making you feel tired of using the same, almost identical weapons over and over again.
  • Because the singleplayer campaign is confusing and uninteresting despite the fact that it actually offers a somewhat different take on an FPS story.
  • Because despite being great, the multiplayer probably won’t make you leave Call of Duty or Battlefield behind

SHOULD you buy Killzone: Shadow Fall?

Only if you can find it on sale somewhere. If you can’t, then it’s a no. The stunning visuals simply can’t make up for the fact that it’s a pretty uninteresting game. It’s not a bad game, but on the other hand, it isn’t a very great one either.


3 thoughts on “Why Would You Buy? – Killzone: Shadow Fall

    • I thought it was quite confusing, given the fact that I hadn’t played any of the previous games either. But even if you’ve already played any of the previous games, I doubt that you would find it very interesting. It’s a lot of political tension which is just summed up as a poor excuse to shoot bad guys.

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