Why Would You Buy? – Don’t Starve for Playstation 4

After previously being behind games like Shank and Mark of The Ninja, Klei Entertainment released Don’t Starve in April last year. After seeing much success on the PC platform, Klei Entertainment’s survival game has now made its console debut for the Playstation 4. Don’t Starve steps into the console scene as a part of the monthly free games that come with Playstation Plus. In a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong, you’re thrown into a massive world containing giant savannahs, dark forests and scary caves. From now on there is only one thing to do – survive.

So why would you follow in Bear Grylls’ footsteps and buy Don’t Starve?

  • Because it’s survival in its purest form, where death – be it by starvation, the unforgiving winter or the hundreds of vicious monsters – is always lurking right around the corner.
  • Because Klei Entertainment has managed to fit the controls to the Playstation controller quite brilliantly.
  • Because permanent death always makes you think twice about venturing into a cave or out into the wild, making for a sometimes extremely intense experience.
  • Because the art style is both humorous and cute but at the same time also manages to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, making you laugh and cry in horror within a couple of minutes.
  • Because each attempt for survival is an entirely different experience due to the fact that you’ll never find yourself playing the same map layout twice.
  • Because the decision to also include the management of insanity during your endeavour for survival, rather than just focusing on hunger and physical health adds a very welcome dimension to your struggle to get by.
  • Because even if you played continuously for an entire day, you would only scratch the surface of all the possibilities that lie in the world of the game

Why wouldn’t you buy Don’t Starve? 

  • Because your survival is dependent on resource management which can get quite tedious, substituting all of your adventurous desire with the chores of collecting carrots and hunting rabbits.
  • Because permanent death – despite of the thrills it includes – can also make your countless startups all but unbearable
  • Because the game really should’ve implemented an option to play co-op, but fails to do so

SHOULD you buy Don’t Starve?

As you’ve probably already noticed, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives – and that’s because it’s a genuinely good game. Actually, a simple ‘yes’ wouldn’t cut it. Whether you choose to buy it for PC or the Playstation 4, it’s a must buy that everyone should take their time to play.

Don’t Starve is available on Steam for $13.99/£11.99/€13.99 and on Playstation Store for $14.99 – Right now you’ll get it for free if you’re a Playstation Plus Subscriber.


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