Don’t Starve Diary

Don’t Starve is out for free if you have PS+ and I didn’t hesitate a second to get my hands on it. I’ve spent hours and hours, trying to survive in the unforgiving lands of Don’t Starve where mysterious shadows will try to get you at night while hounds will assault you every few days. A review for Don’t Starve will drop on the site monday – so get excited! For now, you’ll have to make do with an account from my longest adventure so far.

Like so many times before, I found myself lying in the grass with nothing on me whatsoever. I immediately crafted myself an axe and started to chop down trees like there was no tomorrow. Soon after that I came across both stone and gold boulders from which I also collected both gold and rocks. You can only chop down so many trees in one day, so I set up a campfire and ran around the fire for a couple of minutes, trying to get the night over with. Morning came and now was the time to find a good spot to set up camp. Throughout my seasoned history of many failed attempts and contradictions to the title of the game, I had learned that it is a good thing to set up camp close to a wormhole. In that way you’ll always have somewhere to go far away from your camp. So I went looking


I found what appeared to be almost the perfect spot for the camp. It was surrounded by rabbit holes, close to a wormhole and also close to a pack of beefalos so I could get my hands on their poop for fertilizing my crops. 4 or 5 days had now gone by and I started “making myself at home” by covering the camp with wooden floorboards and building wooden walls around the camp. I had also used my gold for both a science- and an alchemy machine. I started setting up traps around the camp in order to get some meat. Until now, I had been living on berries, carrots and seeds. A vegan would be proud – but not anymore!

After really settling in, nothing really happened for a few days. I made a shovel and replanted some berry bushes and also made som farms, but that’s just everyday stuff.

And that’s where it hit me – the most dangerous about being in the world of Don’t Starve isn’t any of the hundreds of mobs who are all happy to end your adventure. Nor is it the unforgiving winter which forces you to keep a fire running at all times. And it isn’t your loss of sanity either. The most dangerous thing is yourself and your curiosity. And I was about to find out just how dangerous I was for myself. Being tired of the boring life of picking berries all day, I jumped into the wormhole. I found myself quite close to my camp, but in a completely different environment. The wormhole sat quite close to a lot of those big spider eggs. Being an idiot, I thought to myself that I was in desperate need of spider silk, so I ran towards the egg, lured them out, and started fighting them. For some reason, I had gotten the idea that it is fantastic to fight a bunch of spider with a shovel, so when my health dropped to a dangerously low amount I made a run for the camp.

After that near death experience, I gladly returned to the daily, boring tasks of the camp and I spent the next few days collecting berries and beefalo poop for my crops while murdering the occasional rabbit who had gotten stuck in one of my many traps.

I spent a long time just doing nothing. I was now somewhere between day 14 and 15. I had done some sporadic exploration, but nothing major. Now it was time for me to realize just how big a fool I had been for building my entire camp out of wood. It started raining. And it didn’t stop for a long time. Suddenly, a lightning came with a big “I hate you” and struck the wooden walls. In a matter of seconds, my farms, my trees for fuel and my walls went up in flames. I now found myself without food and without the precious coziness that is absolutely essential for me.


But a little lightning wouldn’t stop me from going on. I rebuilt my farms and planted some seeds. From now on, I was living without wooden walls. And I just couldn’t be bothered to make stone walls. When I was out exploring one day, I found a touch stone which apparently resurrects you when you die. I didn’t know at the time, but I would find out later on.

I passed the 20-day-mark and winter came. I had grown a beard and also made some rabbit earmuffs for insulation. While exploring, I found an entrance to a cave, but I was too much of a sissy to enter. I spent the days just surviving and the problems slowly started to appear. Apparently when it’s winter your crops won’t grow. I didn’t know this and since so much of my food was based on this, I was really in trouble. Also, my traps had all been destroyed after one too many uses and for some reason, I hadn’t really bothered to make more. My chest used for food was completely empty and my berries had run out. It happened really fast and suddenly my hunger had dropped to the floor. Being an absolute idiotic, I tried eating rot because I thought it might help a bit. It did the opposite. When the day counter hit 29 I begun to lose health because of my hunger. I a last desperate attempt for food, I ran towards a beehive and started bashing it. Again, that was a stupid idea. And then it ended.

Or so I thought. Because after dying, I was resurrected at the touch stone, without any of my possessions on me. In the middle of winter. Far, far away from camp. The touch stone hadn’t saved me. It had simply postponed my death for a few minutes and I died in the cold, trying to get back to camp.


And so my most succesful attempt at trying to fight starvation ended. In the cold. For how long have you managed to stay alive and do remember something crazy from Don’t Starve? Turn it into words and put it into the comments! And also make sure to check back monday when the review hits the site!


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