Music to Set the Mood Right – Total War Series

Last time in this series, I brought in with some musical suggestions for Grand Theft Auto V. The soundtrack for that was mostly dominated by up-beat songs, drawing influences from both the hip-hop and electronic scene. With the Total War-series, we’re setting off into another kind of musical territory. Expect no thugs here or any heavy beats. Get out your violins people – we’re headed for orchestral lands.

Hans Zimmer & Liza Gerrard – Now We Are Free

Be honest with me – you expected this, didn’t you? However, despite the straightforwardness of this choice, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be included. I can even begin to think of how many times I’ve sent my cavalry charging into enemy forces even though I was blatantly outnumbered. Hands down, it is one of the best orchestral soundtracks ever and it fits wonderfully with any Total War game.

Harald Kloser – The Day After Tomorrow

We’re still sticking with the epic “Ride-into-battle” music and why wouldn’t we? Once again it’s a fantastic orchestral soundtrack that almost makes you smell the grass of the battlefield.

Ásgeir Trausti – Nýfallið Regn

Just to show you something else than just a bunch of people sitting in a hall with tubas, cellos and violins, I thought that we should swing by Ásgeir Trausti. It’s not orchestral but it still makes you want to send your army flying into whatever is in front of you – and isn’t that the point of it all?

I guess that the soundtrack for the Total War games is good. However, I still find myself muting the music whenever I play in favor of something I can put on myself. How do you feel about the music of the Total War-series? Do you have any personal favourites when you’re conquering the world? Write a comment below then!


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