Why Would You Buy? – Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 claims to be the direct sequel to the first game of the series, but in all honesty it’s hard to see where that all comes from. The island/jungle paradise of the first game have been thrown in the trash and replaced with a anomymous, war-torn, African hell on Earth. Expect a lot of shooting, hours of driving and the complete absence of anything friendly in this world.

So why would you pop a malaria pill and buy Far Cry 2?

  • Because the world is huge and beautiful
  • Because it’s a thrill to take down an entire camp without being noticed at all
  • Because the gun play works well
  • Because the sounds of your rifle going off combined with the ambient soundtrack of the African wilderness is really, really good

Why wouldn’t you buy Far Cry 2?

  • Because despite the world being huge and beautiful it’s ultimately empty and devoid of life
  • Because the AI is far from being fantastic
  • Because you’ll often spend 10 to 20 minutes, traversing the landscape, because some Belgian mercenary told you to blow up a propane tank or kill someone important
  • Because the missions get unbelievably repetitive after playing for only a little while
  • Because the story is absolutely horrible

SHOULD you buy Far Cry 2?

No. Back in 2008 Crytek really pushed the consoles to their limits with Far Cry 2 and seemingly forgot about almost everything else.


7 thoughts on “Why Would You Buy? – Far Cry 2

  1. Agree. Got it for Christmas once, couldn’t get into it and traded it. A few years later I bought it again and tried it, once again, couldn’t get into it and traded it. I have Far Cry 3 downloaded and am yet to play it, I have heard good things about it though.

  2. I remember just getting annoyed with being chased by jeeps all the time, even when going between missions. It kept interrupting the game for me, and ultimately made me stop playing

    • Yeah, that was a huge issue for me as well. Way too often, you’ll find yourself driving across the map for about 10 minutes only to be killed by some overly aggressive patrol…

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