Why Would You Buy? – FIFA 14 Next-Gen


With a new season of football (soccer for all you americans) comes a new addition to the FIFA franchise. But this is no ordinary release for EA sports as it’s the first time for FIFA to make its next gen appearance. It’s the first time for EA to show off their new Ignite engine which in their words will lead the way for this generation of gaming. We’ve certainly heard words like those before – Has EA Sports scored a fantastic longshot with FIFA 14?

So why would you run onto the next gen pitch and buy FIFA 14?

  • Because with enhanced AI, better passing and other tweaks, EA Sports has once again focused on the evolution of the game rather than revolutionizing the whole deal.
  • Because the stadiums and audience have seen a massive overhaul since last year. Most of the stadiums are now fully detailed from both inside and out, while the audience no more consists of thousands of cardboard people.
  • Because you’ve always wanted for FIFA to become more simulation oriented.
  • Because the players now actually have some weight to them and need to be in balance in order to complete the perfect pass.
  • Because the Ignite engine has made some nice improvements to the visual aspects of the game. When you’re watching a dodgy tackle in instant replay, things like straws of grass flying about has actually been taken into consideration.
  • Because it’s still one of the best games to enjoy on a late night with a bunch of friends.

Why wouldn’t you buy FIFA 14?

  • Because, despite the graphical improvements with EA Ignite, the game doesn’t really make you go “Wow, this is truly Next-Gen!”
  • Because some glitches and bugs still keep showing their ugly face once in a while.

SHOULD you buy FIFA 14?

Yes. Since FIFA 09, the franchise has only gotten better and better for every year. With the step up to Next-Gen, it has become even better. We can’t wait for next year.


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