Xbox One delayed until Q3 2014 in Nordic territories? – Rumor


While most of the world is busy shouting “XBOX! ON!” five hours a day there are a few places where they’re still waiting patiently for Microsoft’s new console to arrive. and now it might look like they’ll have to wait for a bit longer than expected.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the Xbox One would be delayed in a list of European countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland)

Now it appears – according to anonymous sources used by danish site Gamereactor – that the four viking nordic half (Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark) of the eight affected countries will have to wait until Q3 2014, which is almost a year after the “official” launch.

Whether this will also affect the other countries which were also facing a delay is still unknown. If these rumors turn out to be true it must still be considered as a massive setback for Microsoft who are already trailing behind its Japanese counterpart.


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