Why Would You Buy? – Resogun


Resogun is one of two free Playstation Plus launch titles, the other one being the shadowy Contrast. Made by developer Housemarque, it’s a warm welcome into the 2-free-games-a-month treat that comes with PS+.

So why would you subscribe for Playstation Plus and get Resogun?

  • Because it’s extremely simple, but yet so engaging and interesting in the way it’ll have you balance risk with reward.
  • Because even for it’s simplistic and cubey graphics, it’s still a wonderful showcase for what the PS4 can do.
  • Because it’s an absolutely astounding test of your reflexes, your ability too keep a cool head and your finger agility.
  • Because – let’s face it – it’s free if you sign up for Playstation Plus.
  • Because sound is coming OUT(!) of your controller.

SHOULD you get Resogun?

I don’t see why you shouldn’t. It’s not like the Playstation 4 launch lineup includes hundreds and hundreds of games so why wouldn’t you get one for free? Sure, you’ll have you’ll have to sign up for PS+, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth your while – and your money. Yes. Get in there and sign up!


3 thoughts on “Why Would You Buy? – Resogun

  1. I agree completely. On my ps4 I have so far played resogun, contrast, flower, warframe, need for speed rivals, killzone, and battlefield 4 and resogun is the one I keep playing and telling people about.

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