Why Would You Buy? – Spelunky


Derek Yu, the founder of Mossmouth once had an idea of a cave exploring extravaganza. He called that game Spelunky and released it for free. After some time, it was then polished and remade for both PC and consoles. With polished graphics, the new and shiny roguelike platformer Spelunky delves deep into thousands and thousands of angry cave systems. A cavalcade of traps and legions of relentless enemies are just waiting to strip you – the spelunker – of both your hit points and your patience. So light your torch and grab your greed for gold!

So why would you get out your Indiana Jones whip and buy Spelunky?

  • Because it’s wonderfully simple, but yet so hard and complex, filled with tough decisions and opportunities for you to really strut your finger finesse.
  • Because the game poses you a potent challenge with hundreds of caves filled to the brim with traps, snakes and spiders who are all just waiting to kill you, spiced with a ghost that will eventually show up and force you to hurry up through the level.
  • Because you don’t mind starting over and over again. There are no save games and no checkpoints. Oh, and you carry your health over to the next level.
  • Because you’re always in a dilemma about whether you go for the money and the gear or the quick way to the next level.
  • Because with randomized levels you’ll never experience the same playthrough twice which in turn keeps reeling you back in for more cave exploring.
  • Because it’s just so rewarding to make your way through an entire level without even coming close to taking damage.

SHOULD you buy Spelunky?

Yes. It’s fun and never really get’s old. And it’s a lot of fun. Buy it already – I dare you to make it further than level 2-3.

Spelunky is available on Steam for $14.99/£11.99/€13.99 – you can also get it for consoles!

Check out some gameplay below:


2 thoughts on “Why Would You Buy? – Spelunky

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