Steam Autumn Sale – Day 4


I’ll be honest with you – the Steam Autumn sale isn’t really what’s on my mind at the moment. Yesterday I picked up my Playstation 4 and so far I haven’t really slept (I’m looking at you here, Battlefield 4 and FIFA)

But nonetheless, here are today’s offers:

– 75% on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

– 50% on Rome II: Total War

– 75% on Batman Arkham City: Game of The Year Edition

– 55% on Shadowrun Returns

– 50% on Amnesia: Machine for Pigs

– 75% on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

– 50% on Splinter Cell Blacklist

– 50% on Forced

– 75% on Borderlands 2

So if you’re not busy next-gening your face off, hop onto Steam and start paying!


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