Why Would You Buy – Eldritch


Eldritch is the inaugural game from Minor Key Games, the relatively new studio formed by wonder twins David and J. Kyle Pittman.  Both brothers are a part of the new class of veterans in the video game industry who are striking out on their own to find their more individual voices after honing their skills on such hits as BioShock 2 and the Borderlands series.  They have combined forces to release a 3D action, rogue-like that both delights and induces subtle terror beyond human comprehension.

So, why would you open one more trap door leading further down into the soulless abyss scrounging for precious artifacts to trade for Eldritch?

  • Because you are charmed by clever art styles that disarm your natural defenses, but in turn teach you to dread anew.
  • Because you appreciate fantastically spartan sound direction that gives you just enough information to generate a heightened sense of suspense, while the almost dulcet soundtrack lulls you into false security.
  • Because you enjoy tight and responsive mechanics that may closely resemble the fantastic one-two punch of weapons and magic similar to BioShock 2’s Alpha series, combined with several interlocking risk/reward systems that keep, what could be a very straight forward action game, interesting and compelling.
  • Because you will feel the ever-throbbing pulse that pushes you ever so slightly, around one more corner, down one more flight of stairs, past one more mysterious corpse that doesn’t even look human anymore, and what was that noise, and is that thing breathing, OH GOD, where’s the exit, it just keeps going down… down…

Should you buy Eldritch?

Emphatically, yes!  Even if you’re not familiar with the Lovecraft source material, or are new to the aspects that make rogue-likes difficult but rewarding, this should be on everyone’s short list of games to get right away.  It’s only $15 at the developer’s website, and is available at a number of online shops.


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