Why Would You Buy? – Payday 2


I think we all remember that one scene from The Dark Knight where the Joker and his goons take out the bank in Gotham City. So wouldn’t it be nice if a game actually made it possible? Guess what – Payday 2 lets you do just that. Clown masks included. But remember to bring some friends!

So why would you tell people to kiss the floor and buy Payday 2?

  • Because it’s like Left 4 Dead, but with cops and robbers
  • Because you like playing with other people – don’t even bother playing with AI buddies. They’re subpar to say the least
  • Because it’ll get you a lot of engaging and fun hours for pretty cheap
  • Because it’ll get unbelievably hectic – but in a great way
  • Because teamwork is essential – and rewarding
  • Because it won’t get repetitive 

SHOULD you buy Payday 2?

Yes.  Bank robberies are fun and they have been since we were little kids. But like childhood cops and robbers, you need some friends to really make the most of it. Also, the developers are really doing a great job of constantly keeping the game updated – to add to that, they just released a new Armored Transport DLC, so you have even more stuff to rob!

Payday 2 is available on Steam for $29.99/£24.99/€29.99


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