Why Would You Buy – Rogue Legacy


Cellar Door Games (who you may recall as the developers of the seminal classic “Don’t Shit Your Pants”) have released their unique spin on the ever growing “Rogue-Like” genre of video games.

Why would you break all of the chandeliers in the house to gather up random gold to buy Rogue Legace?

  • Because random level generation means you’ll never play the same map twice (unless you fork up hard earned gold to The Architect).

  • Because random character generation forces players to work outside their comfort zone and discover areas of the game that might otherwise remain hidden from the non-adventurous type.

  • Because dying is half of the fun.

  • Because one session can be as short as a few minutes.

  • Because you like 2D action games with tight controls.

  • Because you like fun, cartoony art styles.

  • Because you like collecting gold and buying gear.

SHOULD you buy Rogue Legacy?

Of course!  It’s only $15 at full price!  The random level and character generation make the game a relatively new experience every time you play.  And you can load it and play a full round before some AAA games have finished their splash screen animations.  This very charming and tense action game cherry picks some of the best elements of my favorite types of games, and boils them down to a very satisfying rue.  Buy it already.  You can thank me later.


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