Hi Everybody!

boo imma ghost

Eyyyyyyy! I’m Jimmithy. I’ve been talking with the WWYB team for a couple of weeks now and I’m glad to announce that I’m now also a part of that team.

I’ve been luck enough to grow up right along video games. In the 80s when home consoles started to proliferate living rooms everywhere, I was right there with an Atari 2600 and copies of Asteroids and Pacman. As the 90s brought more sophisticated tech, I was instantly drawn in with the Nintendo Entertainment System with classics like Super Mario and Mega Man. The Super Nintendo informed my most formative years as I started to break out into PC gaming as well grinding my nose against games like Mech Warrior. As a kid I would try to try and finish anything I could get my hands on, but I’m finding myself a bit more discerning with age. I’m always willing to try, but I find my time just as important of a resource as my money. I’m excited to step up on the soap box and hopefully help people get a handle on the ever growing market of video games.



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