Why Would You Buy? – Football Manager 14


Why Would You Buy? – Football Manager 2014

Christmas is closing in and so, another addition to the Football Manager franchise is being thrown into the arms of football-mad fans around the world. Here, no swift finger skills or lightning reflexes are required – get out your notebooks and your neckties people. It’s time to step into the shoes of a football manager in 2014.

So why would you sign the chairman’s contract and buy Football Manager 2014?

  • Because you like bragging about finding the next Messi or Ronaldo before the big clubs in real life even started looking
  • Because you’ve never experienced fun charts and statistics – until now!
  • Because you can play FM on the computer while playing games on your console – Who said that multitasking was hard?
  • Because winning the league in-game is just about the same as the real thing
  • Because you have no problem with completely isolating yourself from your friends for a couple of months

SHOULD you buy Football Manager 2014?

If you love football, then it’s a yes – a clear and lovely yes. If not, I still think you should give it a go. Once you’ve journeyed a few games into a season with a team, the game starts grabbing and pulling you into its grasp, begging for you to come back. And you will come back.
Is it an improvement from last year’s game? That’s also a yes – so to all of you veterans out there, go out and get it! But let’s be honest here – you probably haven’t showered for weeks. But since when does a real manager need showers?


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