Why Would You Buy? – Gone Home


With Gone Home, The Fullbright Company pulls you into a dense jungle of VHS recorders and Super Nintendo in a 1990’s nostalgic extravaganza. However, in the middle of fond memories of Kurt Cobain and Street Fighter, you return to your house at night. It’s empty. Where is your family? Why is the TV still on? Did you just see an ominous shadow in the corner of the upstairs hallway?

So why would you buy Gone Home?

  • Because you need to freshen up on the repertoires of feminist punk bands
  • Because – for some reason – you miss the 90’s
  • Because you would rather investigate your parents’ sex life in a game than in real life
  • Because being absolutely alone has never been so scary
  • Because you like punishing the pause button whenever you hear the slightest creak of a floorboard

SHOULD you buy Gone Home?

This is actually a difficult one… Because on one hand, it really does a great job of just dragging you into the story and the narration. And on top of that, it really toys with your mind, turning the seemingly innocent house into a playground of paranoia and countless looks over your shoulder.

On the other hand though, it’s a short game, giving you about 1,5-2 hours of investigation – and it certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone, that’s for sure. It’s very slow paced and focuses a lot on how you interpret the game yourself, so be prepared to invest yourself in it.

So, if you’re into a lot of reading and clickitty-click, then yes – if not, then maybe you shouldn’t throw your money at this just yet – maybe you’re in luck for the next steam sale!

Gone Home is available on Steam for $19.99/£14.99/€18.99


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