Why Would You Buy? – L.A Noire

La Noire wwyb

Why Would You Buy? – L.A Noire

Being a detective seems like a fun job. You get to go through people’s belongings and you can throw people to jail if you don’t trust them. L.A Noire is all about that. In L.A during the 1940’s, Rockstar Games and Team Bondi puts the crime fighting in your hands.

So why would you put on the detective’s fedora and buy L.A Noire?

  • Because the facial features of the characters are just out of this world
  • Because you’ve been an open world bad guy for too long
  • Because you can throw some guy to jail on a hunch
  • Because you thought being a detective would be hard
  • Because you thought it would be a 1940’s Grand Theft Auto – it’s not

SHOULD you buy L.A Noire?

L.A Noire is a very mixed bag of goodies. On one hand, the technical aspect of the game is insanely impressive in itself. But sadly, it’s all implemented into a bland and uninteresting world. It’s an open world game in the most linear kind of way, and it holds your hand all the way through the story, making sure that you’ll never miss a clue.

If you want to see some truly impressive facial animations, buy it for sure. But other than that, setting foot in 1940’s Los Angeles is nothing spectacular.



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