Why Would You Buy? – Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami wwyb

Why Would You Buy? – Hotline Miami

There is a fine line between something being old and something being retro. Games can be old and dated with nothing particularly interesting in the light of today. On the other hand, they can awake nostalgia and draw you back into how it was back then. And Hotline Miami is retro.

So why would you travel back to the eighties and play Hotline Miami?

  • Because you’ve always suffered from an itchy trigger finger
  • Because you think that extreme violence presents itself better in 2D
  • Because you don’t need a story in order to exterminate hundreds of goons
  • Because other games simply make too much sense
  • Because you live a busy life and need a quick fix of shooting stuff

SHOULD you buy Hotline Miami?

As I mentioned earlier, Hotline Miami is very retro. Even though I never played any games before the turn of the millenium, I feel a bit nostalgic whenever Hotline Miami is on the screen. It’s a simple and great formular that’s fantastic for a quick fix of fast paced and great shooty violence.

Yes, you should definitely go and buy it.

 However, if you think that eighties-like 2D shooters sound a bit weird, then check out some gameplay.


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