Why Would You Buy? – Grand Theft Auto V


Why Would You Buy? – Grand Theft Auto V

For five years almost the entire planet has been hungry for yet another addition to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. And now, after tons and tons of hype and anticipation, it is finally here.

Why would you buy Grand Theft Auto V?

  • Because traveling in real life is overrated – why see the pyramids when you can hike through city, forest and desert for three and a half hours?
  • Because making a million dollars off burger chain stocks bought from your phone makes business school seem ridiculous
  • Because barrelrolling a 747 is way more fun than economy class
  • Because punching random people in the street seems to do the trick for your anger issues
  • Because robbing a convenience store with three different people is three times the fun!
  • Because Grand Theft Auto – That’s why

SHOULD you buy Grand Theft Auto V?

GTA V is one of the most complete games ever. The reasons listed above are only a fraction of what is possible in Los Santos. Even after the main storyline is in the rearview mirror, hundreds of hours can be spent on exploring, killing an feeling the atmosphere in the world of GTA V. It is not only a great game – it is a piece of gaming history and a perfect way to wrap up this console generation.

Without a trace of doubt in my mind – yes, go and get it.

But I guess you already knew that…


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