Why Would You Buy?: Lost Planet 3


During the last week, I had the dubious privilege of playing the latest addition to Capcom’s ‘Lost Planet’ series. I had never played any of the previous games, but when the game fell in to my hands, it was time to journey to the frozen planet of EDN III. These are the reason of WHY you would buy Lost Planet 3.

Why Would You Buy: Lost Planet 3

  • Because you would think that, Capcom surely must have cracked it with the series’ third installment. Guess what – they haven’t
  • Because you fancy being slung into a winter depression, surrounded by a lot of grey and blueish colors
  • Because you really enjoy cramping up your fingers after seemingly endless, repetetive battles against generic and recycled enemies
  • Because you LOVE loading screens – and lots of them!
  • Because a stable framerate simply is too much for you to handle

SHOULD you buy Lost Planet 3?

Oh God, no.


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