What is Why Would You Buy?


This is Why Would You Buy?

I have wanted to start my own video game related blog for quite some time now. But since I am pretty busy with school, I don’t really have the time do in depth reviews of the games I play + I would be forced to go out and buy quite a few new games. And that would liberate my wallet of cash far too quickly.

So, instead of going head first into a long and thorough review of every aspect of any game, this blog will feature something a little more accessible and quick.

Basically, what the idea is, is to list a few reasons of WHY you would want to buy a certain game – short and simple. Maybe I’ll include a few reasons about whether you SHOULD buy or not, but I haven’t really decided on that.

It isn’t neccessarily a blog for the newest games only, and I’m pretty sure, that I’ll also talk about some older games, which may have come out within the last couple of years.

I’m looking forward to getting started, and I will start posting veeeeery soon.



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